Other than the world-renowned Taipei Metro, the dazzling array of scrumptious night market treats, and the environmentally-driven paid-per-bag trash disposal policy, the bustling city has something else going for her, something that delights your olfactory sense. While the rest of the world considers Taipei a tea town, an interesting article on SmarterTravel may help you appreciate the city in a new light.

In addition to tea, Asians have begun to embrace – and fallen in love – with the roasted and toasted notes of coffee. Over time, this addictive, chocolate-colored drink has cast a wide spell on the collective citizens of Taipei, and residents of this bustling metropolis have gladly surrendered to its aromatic pull. The busy streets of Taipei teem with coffeehouses of all sizes, boasting either one-of-a-kind artisan gourmets, popular coffeehouse chains, or tasty yet surprisingly affordable brews at convenience stores. Coffee is now a fixture of life in Taipei, its popularity unchallengeable. Baristas in Taiwan take great pains to choose quality, fresh coffee beans and learn about the essence of different coffee bean varieties, and perfect their roasting process down-pat. The labor-intensiveness and the loving attention result in cups of aromatic and smooth java.

The increase of westernization has also heightened consumers’ demand for quality coffees and roasts, putting baristas and coffeehouses on their toes to constantly innovate and evolve.Taipei is now one of the world’s most sought-after coffee destinations, as the city's ingenious baristas are constantly endowing these "berries" with unique and delicious interpretations. Next time you happen by this dynamic Asian city, be sure to make a date with your favorite book at one of Taipei’s lovely coffee roasteries , and enjoy this side of the city to "espresso" yourself.

(Photo Credit toLucke Ma, CC by 2.0)