Oriental culture and modern facilities attract international cosmetics brand

This summer, a French cosmetics company held her annual Asia-Pacific conference meetings in Taiwan for the first time. For around 100 participants, this regional gathering undoubtedly peaked in the gala dinner in the significant historic architecture. All guests were immersed themselves in the unique oriental-style, yet a mixture of classic and contemporary ambience.

When the sun came down, guests arrived at the venue of immense charms. With the music flow of smooth Jazz, guests took a short laid back stroll, ascended cocktail lounge where canaps and champagne overflows were served butler-style. Round tables were set in the Main Hall, and guests were surprised with the harmony of light and sound effects surrounding the spacious venue.

All guests wowed when they saw two arrays of waiters and waitress led by the chefs, cheerfully holding the entree stepping down to guest tables. While all guests joyfully networked, renowned delicious Taiwanese cuisine were served delicately, to name a few such as beef noodle soup, steamed butter lobster, Cherry Valley duck breast, followed up with special Taiwanese shaved ice with generous topping of sweetened beans, syrup and fruit platter as dessert.

All members of Taiwanlook is pleased with responsibilities for this whole event, especially the concept had been formulated and executed perfectly for the gala dinner. The best part will always be the moment that the guests told Taiwanlook, these inspirational experiences of gala dinner in Taiwan are to be memorable for their lifetime.