• Foodies' paradise

    Taiwan is synonymous with gourmet excellence: five-star restaurants, laid-back eateries and incredible food stalls abound to satisfy the most demanding gastronomes. To sum it up, Taiwan is perfect for both bite-size treats and sumptuous feasts, flavored with loads of fun.

  • Night Market

    The most authentic traditional taste treats await you among the busy food stands of this city’s night markets, the most iconic of which are Shilin Night Market and Roane Street Night Market. Among the snacking delights you’ve likely never before experienced: oyster omelets, stinky tofu, and small sausage wrapped in big glutinous rice sausage. It’s a nightly carnival of snacking and shopping, and if you have only one night to spend in Taipei, spend it here.
  • Taipei – the A-List Coffee Capital in Asia

    Other than the world-renowned Taipei Metro, the dazzling array of scrumptious night market treats, and the environmentally-driven paid-per-bag trash disposal policy, the bustling city has something else going for her, something that delights your olfactory sense. While the rest of the world considers Taipei a tea town, an interesting article on SmarterTravel may help you appreciate the city in a new light.