GIS NTU Convention Center is a “communication matrix”, a dynamic interactive forum where conference-goers find a fulfilling attendance experience.

Located at Gongguan, a transportation hub, GIS NTU Convention Center is a multifunctional convention center that National Taiwan University has commissioned GIS Group to operate and manage. The center is conveniently situated (just a two-minute walk from the metro station) and amply supplied with public amenities and services. The center has ten medium and small conference spaces, all located on the same floor, which facilitates the planning and running of events. Guests, event planners, and staff can seamlessly navigate through the facility.

Taipei New Horizon

The Taipei New Horizon, an elegantly styled structure and the brainchild of Japanese architect, Toyo Ito, is a tribute to Songshan Cultural Park's colorful history as a tobacco factory. Situated in eastern Taipei's tree-covered estate, the Taipei New Horizon is 14-stories high, and a rare activity space in densely populated Taipei that can accommodate large arts events and exhibitions. The indoor area is measured at approximately 810 square meters, belted by an elevated garden for extra visual extensions. It houses full kitchens, amenities, and independent elevator services when privacy is necessary for special events. 3 monstrous floor-to-ceiling windows offer an unobstructed view of the Taipei 101 skyscraper and the glittering Xinyi District. It's created with heart, and built with the mind.